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Speed Reading for Business. Improve focus and comprehension.

Speed Reading for Business. Improve focus and comprehension.

Price: $94.99


You will read at least 66% faster or your money back.

The teacher, Alex Garcez, gave up his Engineering degree in the third year because he was a very slow reader, however, his weakness became his strength, after taking a speed reading course, and deciding he was not going to become a laborer but an entrepreneur. Since then he took a Business Degree, Masters in Marketing and Advertising, and developed the Revolution Speed Reading Method. He personally coached more than 3,500 people and most of his clients improve their reading speed by more than 100%.

With more than 9,000 clients taking this two hour course online in 53 countries, Alex expects to motivate people to read more books. His method is based on science, and he has achieved amazing results while coaching professionals from companies such as: Goldman Sachs, GE, J P Morgan, Google, Bloomberg, eBay, The Wall Street Journal, Sage, The Walt Disney Company, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Thomson Reuters, Adecco, Lloyds Bank, Citigroup, PwC, HSBC and O2.

Alex Garcez discovered that your brain loves speed, and he thinks that fast is fun – slow is boring! If you think you have short attention span to read books, documents and social media, then you probably read slowly and carefully. Instead of understanding the text you get bored and distracted, needing to skip back to re-read text countless times. The main reason is that your brain is too powerful to go at such a slow pace and will drift off into something more interesting to think about.

You will assess your reading speed at the beginning and throughout the course. So, if you spend 3 hours reading at work and improve your reading speed, on average, by 33%, you will save a whole month of work every single year.

You can find more information at his website.

Please Google “The Speed Reading Coach”

This is what you’ll cover during the training course:

  1. Assessment of reading speed and comprehension
  2. Understanding the Reticular Activating System
  3. Reading actively instead of passively
  4. Avoid back skipping to re-read
  5. Brain waves to do intellectual work
  6. Speed reading online software
  7. Speed read without any training
  8. See how the eyes work when you read faster
  9. The mechanics of speed reading strategies
  10. Understanding the left and right brain functions
  11. Understand how to speed read using a pace maker
  12. Speed reading practice
  13. Expanding your memory
  14. Understanding mental blocks
  15. Further speed reading practice
  16. Neuro-Linguistic Programming applied to speed reading
  17. Develop your focus and online reading
  18. Expanding peripheral vision
  19. Advanced reading practice
  20. Ergonomics and performance
  21. Assessment of reading speed and comprehension
  22. Using the Mini Max Target
  23. How to plan to speed read a book
  24. Motivation to start reading more
  25. Becoming an expert in your area

Take this speed reading course now, improve your reading skills and save your valuable time!

This is a 4 Hour course. If you want to take only the first 2 hours you can choose between his 2 other courses on Udemy:

  • Speed Reading for Work/Leisure
  • Speed Reading for IT

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