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Splunk Hands-on – The Complete Data Analytics using Splunk

Splunk Hands-on – The Complete Data Analytics using Splunk

Price: $129.99

Working with huge volume of data? This Splunk training will help you learn all the skills needed to analyze machine-generated data using Splunk. Splunk is a leading software in the field of analytics and will help you monitor and visualize data effectively. This training provides to solve data analytics issues of any size. Upon completion of this course you will be able to easily implement Splunk in your workplace. In this Splunk course, you will understand live practices, demos and trained well in the data collecting process. The software developers who wish to implement Splunk in operational intelligence of machine data will find this course useefull. Splunk fundamentals is where you learn to correlate events, dynamic searching, workflows. This coursee helps to use Splunk in Application Management, Business Analytics. Splunk is a revolutionary analytical tool. The training will include the following:-

  • Course introduction

  • Setting up a Splunk enterprise environment

  • Building a basic production environment

  • Splunk inputs

  • Parsing and searching

  • Splunk resource management

  • Implementing knowledge objects

  • Creating lookups

  • Creating field Aliases and calculated Fields

  • Creating field extractions

  • Creating tags and event types

  • Creating workflow actions

  • Creating alerts and scheduled reports

  • Creating macros

  • Creating data models

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