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Spring MVC With Spring Boot (All Modules)  and Project!!

Spring MVC With Spring Boot (All Modules) and Project!!

Price: $94.99

Spring MVC with Spring Boot is a course on learning all key spring framework features to develop robust enterprise grade web applications. And Spring Boot will make the job easy (I mean, a lot easier than one might imagine!)

Spring MVC is a collection of Spring Projects (Including Spring Web, Spring Data, Spring Security, etc) that we can use to create very robust and secure Enterprise Java Applications and follows the ‘Model View Controller’ design pattern. Spring MVC, relies on the core principles of Spring Framework like IOC, Dependency Injection, etc.

What is Covered in this course?

Well, this course will cover everything you need to start working on real time spring based projects. This course will also cover all the prerequisite concepts, so that you don’t have to learn anything new beyond this course.

The following is the rough high level view of the content, that we will be covering in this course..

Cover prerequisite concepts

  • Dependency Injection

  • Inversion of control

Getting Started with Spring MVC

  • MVC Architecture

  • Spring MVC Architecture

  • Creating a Simple MVC application with spring framework

  • Understanding the flow of execution with a brief diagram

  • Comparing traditional MVC with Spring MVC

  • Front Controller Pattern and Dispatcher servlet

  • Web Application Context

  • Root Application Context

Spring Boot

  • Spring Boot Introduction

  • Spring Initializer

  • Understanding various components of Spring Boot Project

  • Exploring spring Boot Application

  • Self-contained Jars with Spring boot

  • Understanding Spring Boot Features (Autoconfig, Starter dependencies, etc)

  • Deploying a War File with Spring Boot

  • Embedded Servers


  • Understanding Interceptors

  • Interceptor Example

  • Restrictions

  • Interceptors without Spring Boot

Request Handling

  • Mapping Annotations

  • Get and Post Mapping and understanding the flow

  • Exploring URI Patterns

  • Spring Controller Arguments

  • Return Types

Key Annotations

  • @RequestParms, @GetMapping, @CookieValue

  • @ModelAttribute

  • @SessionAttributes

  • Forward, Redirect and Flash Attributes

Handling Exceptions

  • Exception Handling in Spring Application

  • Exception Handling in Spring Boot

Spring JDBC

  • Spring JDBC vs Traditional JDBC

  • Spring JDBC DB Access without Spring Boot

  • Spring JDBC with Spring Boot

  • Connecting External Database and performing transactions

  • SQL, Prepared Statement

(Pre-Requisite Chapter) Hibernate

  • Introduction of Hibernate

  • Hibernate Terminologies (Session, Session Factory, Cache, etc)

  • JDBC vs Hibernate

  • Hibernate App, theoretical walk through

  • Hibernate code walkthrough

  • Hibernate Annotations

  • Hibernate Auto Sync

  • Relations in Hibernate

Spring Data JPA

  • Understanding Spring Data JPA Features with Example

  • @Query,@NamedParams,@IndexedParams

  • Query Methods

  • Sorting,Pagination,

  • @Modyfying

  • Dynamic Queries with CriteriaBuilder

Sprig Security

  • Introduction to Spring Security

  • In Memory Data Store

  • JDBC Authentication

  • Password Encoding

  • CSRF Attack

  • Installing KeyStore for HTTPS

  • LDAP Integration

Sprig Boot Actuator

  • Introduction to Actuator

  • Health and Custom Health Indicators

  • Auto Config Conditions

  • Logging Endpoint

  • ‘env’ Endpoint

  • App Metrics

  • Customizing Endpoints

  • Custom Endpoints

  • Other Endpoints

Sprig Boot Devtools

  • Devtools Introduction

  • Devtools Live Reload

  • Devtools Auto-Restart

  • Global settings and Property Defaults

  • Remote debugging

In the end, we will combine all the modules we learn and create a real time Todo application from scratch!

More content will be updated on timely basis..

Who am I?

I have well over a decade of experience (Actually 13! By the time of this writing) in the Industry and to the most part, I’ve work on Java and Related technologies. I’ve switched between many jobs, experienced many cultures and technologies and been mentoring many projects since then.

One of the things that I am absolutely passionate about, is ‘Teaching’. I just love it. I can explain very complex concepts in easy to understand manner. Below are few random reviews that made my day..

Note : I did not take permission from the students to put their names. Hence I did not.


“In South Korea, nobody can teach like this course. Before I was very hard to understand even though having experience 10 years scalable network programming. NOT now. It’s very easy to go into the Spring world step by step. I recommend it if you want to know what is spring.”


“Instructor has great knowledge on the topics he covered.”


“An excellent trainer.I would really to take his courses always .The trainer prepares the student to go in the market and secure a job.”


“This course is really worth it. The tutor has ample practical knowledge and discusses about almost everything that is there to know. I am glad i took this course and would encourage any aspirant to go for it.”


“Good, clear instructor with uncluttered focused examples – recommended.”


On my Java course : “Liking the course so for. Very good explanation of each concepts, explaining the fundamentals on each topic, all the way till what happens in memory in each, explaining the “Why’s” in the beginning of topic (which is very important to me, otherwise one would be just memorizing). I liked the author’s approach to start with explaining methods and then expanding it to classes, objects and others. This course is good value for the money.”

I wish you great learning!

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