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SQL for Data Analysts/Data Scientists & Real World Projects

SQL for Data Analysts/Data Scientists & Real World Projects

Price: $19.99


This course is for those who want to land in Data Analytics or Data Science Space.

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and this is one of the main tools used to organize databases, input data into them and extract it on request.

In this course you will learn how to create queries in a popular variation of SQL called TSQL.

And even if at your workplace you are using a different variation (e.g. Oracle, PostgreSQL or MySQL), you will find that the skills you learn in this course are easily transferable.

But there are many SQL courses out there, so the question is:

What makes this course stand out?

The unique advantage of this course is that it starts from basic concepts.

We will cover off topics such as:

What is SQL?

Why is that important?

These techniques shown in this course will allow you to query data and derive results and extract insights from your data in an efficient way.

This course is designed with the Data Analysts and Data Scientists in mind, so if you want to land in a career as either Data Analyst or Data Science, then this course is for you!

Who this course is for:

Anybody who wants to learn SQL Server

Anybody who wants to better understand how databases work

Anybody who wants to learn how to query data

Anybody who wants to enhance their Data Analysis or Data Science career

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