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Study Skills for the Student and Lifelong Learner

Study Skills for the Student and Lifelong Learner

Price: $94.99

As a master teacher and lover of education, I have spent many years in the classroom as both a teacher and student. What we educators have learned through experience as well as a large amount of empirical research is that there are study skills and strategies that make all the difference between being an average and an excellent student.

Perhaps more importantly, improving as a student through the use of these strategies will make you ENJOY THE LEARNING PROCESS MORE while achieving better results.

In this course YOU WILL LEARN:

1. How to identify your specific learning style or styles

2. How to increase your GPA through proven study strategies and tactics

3. How to increase your test scores through proven study strategies and tactics

4. How to enjoy school more so that you will become a lifelong learner while achieving high scores and grades

5. Learn any subject faster

6. Remember what you’ve learned longer

7. Enjoy the learning process much more (we enjoy what we’re good at!)

8. How to apply these skills to life in general to help make you a happier, more fulfilled person!

Don’t wait to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your life by improving your study skills!


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