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Tableau Masterclass – Parameter- and Setactions Project Tips

Tableau Masterclass – Parameter- and Setactions Project Tips

Price: $94.99

How to learn Tableau fast? How to become a Tableau expert?

Business Intelligence / Business Analytics is in high demand. Companies are constantly searching for ways to make better and faster decisions. Therefore they rely heavily on data. Data driven decision making is the key to success for any business in the world of tomorrow. This is a great opportunity!

Because of that companies across industries are constantly desperately searching for skilled employees and freelancers with the necessary capabilities to help with analyzing data and creating valuable highly profitable insights. This will be the key advantage to succeed in business.

A data analyst career is not only higly rewarding but also very interesting.

From my personal experience I can tell you that companies will actively searching for you if you master Tableau. Diving into data & analytics can not only immensly improve your career opportunities but also your job satisfaction!

Tableau is also a great tool for datascience. A lot of data scientists like to use it for visualizing and presenting the findings. Therefore Tableau can often be a valuable skill for datascience jobs.

so again the question:

How to become a Tableau Pro?

Simple answer by working with Tableau. In this course we learn how to apply Set actions and Parameter actions in Tableau to create great visualizations. Additionally I share a few practical project tips and tricks to solve customer requirements from tableau projects. These tricks hopefully help you for your own future data & analytics projects with Tableau.

I have already created Power BI courses which cover the software in detail and help interested students to dive into a BI consultant career path. Their feedback has encouraged me to offer a deep dive course for tableau as well. The result is the Tableau Masterclass course series on udemy. This course here is part of the Masterclass series which consists of 8 complementary courses to help you succeed.

What we learn in this course might also help you later with your Tableau certification exam.

Start today and explore your data & analytics career possibilites right her right now.

Excited? Then let’s get into it!


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