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The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation

The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation

Price: $109.99

Welcome to The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation by the Harvard graduate, certified international leadership trainer.

These are special skills taught for politicians, Harvard leaders, top managers and motivational speakers. Storytelling are “must learn” skills to become inspiring and influencing leaders. Now you can learn and apply these skills for every conversational and professional situation in your daily life and your career. When you know how to master storytelling to inspire others, that can change your life and you can also change lives of countless people.

When can you apply storytelling?

There are countless situations you will need these skills. You are students, corporate workers, start up, investors, or social media influencers, etc., mastering storytelling can help you make phenomenal presentations and motivational speech that will differentiate you from the crowd, and set you in a different level. In addition, you can also change your personal life by knowing how to communicate using motivational stories with your family members, your lovers, friends and people around.

I made this class the easiest to understand and the most concise as possible. You don’t have to take hours of class for getting the fundamental concepts. I go through key concepts in each lesson with story example debriefs and I guide you on how to start practicing it. You will also learn from my student examples, how I coached them and how their story get improvement after each version.

Key lessons in this class:

· Understand why we need story and what influence human process of taking decisions and actions

· The strategy to create a story to inspire actions based on science

· Learn structure of an inspiring story

· What criteria to make your story more engaging to build the connections

· How to start practicing it after class and how to apply it in your life and career.

· Learn from my student examples and my coaching process to get improvement.

By the end of the class, you will be able to easily craft your own stories that inspires actions in your communication and presentation for both your personal life and career. Practice makes perfect. Let’s start write down your own stories! I am very excited to listen to your motivational stories. I’m here to give you my comments and my coaching on your stories and I’m happy to answers any of your questions.

Don’t just take my word for it, see what my past students had to say about the course

“I was listening to this, and i have in my mind “wow, that is exactly how were built stories that influenced my life, as well as many of TedTalks” Brilliant” _ Antkot

“This is a special learning experience for me. Writing story of self let me have a chance to think back all of my life. I’m asking myself what is the value that are important to me? I thought about the moment I knew that my dad passed away when I was far away from home. I realized that nothing is more important than my family. Thank you very much for this experience. And this is so helpful that I can use it for so many situations like when I write an scholarship application I will share more about myself and my feelings; or when I discuss with my team at work, now I know how to build a stronger connections among our team members. Thanks for this class! Appreciate much.” _ Michelle Tran

“I honestly rarely wanted to share my personal story to others. But I think I have to change my mind. I’m preparing for pitching my start up project soon next month. This gives me a chance to think deeply the reason why I really want to do this project and quit my full time job to pursuit it. I think the investor judges would feel my passion and determination on it. Great advices. Recommend it.” _ Daisy Johnson

“Interesting to learn new ideas! It’s a smart way to always start with emotion part on human brain. I like the student example and how Ngan does coaching on her story. I think the concept could be helpful for different situations.” Nicky Jackson

Are you ready to move your communication and presentation to the next level with 1 hour class? I don’t know which reason you are still procrastinate to learn skills that can help you change your life and your career? If you take my class, practice your stories, apply them in your situations and don’t see the improvement then I will give you a full immediate refund.

Now if you are ready to take your communication and presentation to the next level, I’ll see you in my class!

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