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The Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass

The Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Price: $94.99

Do you have a business idea, but don’t know where to start? Are you new to the entrepreneurial journey and feel that you need more confidence and business understanding before launching your enterprise?

Business and entrepreneurship usually go hand in hand; to understand one, you need to have a good appreciation of the other. This unique entrepreneurship training course will equip you with the knowledge, and assurance you need to be able to launch your new business venture.

While innovation and entrepreneurship revolve around the same idea, it is useful to understand the difference. Innovation pivots around creatively solving problems with appropriate solutions. Entrepreneurship, by contrast, rotates around applying the innovation in bringing ideas to life in a financially sustainable way.

During the course, you will learn the true meaning of entrepreneurship, discovering how to plan a business (or product) successfully. You will also learn how to sustain a steady growth rate once your business has got off the ground. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, this course will give you a firm set of foundations upon which you can leverage your future efforts.

This course is ideal for those who are interested in gaining knowledge about starting a business, either to learn if entrepreneurialism suits them, or because they have numerous entrepreneurial ideas but are uncertain about how best to implement them.

Successful entrepreneurship involves two essential characteristics: business insight and a resolution mindset.

As you work through the course modules, you can learn how to:

  • Develop your self-awareness and business effectiveness.

  • Identify new opportunities for business & financial growth.

  • Learn a useful framework for evaluative business planning.

  • Learn a practical methodology for business communications.

  • Establish appropriate, relevant and inspiring business goals.

  • Cultivate a growth-orientated and entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Be successful when you have restricted financial resources.

  • Apply your learning in real-time entrepreneurial projects.

  • And much, much more.

Entrepreneurship training serves as an excellent foundation for the kinds of innovative ideas the world needs to advance in the 21st century.

Entrepreneurship is more than just starting a business: its creativity, innovation, resilience and leadership all rolled into one. Open to anyone with a business idea or a fledgeling startup, this unique online training offers an unparalleled opportunity for you to develop and commercialise your business idea into something long-lasting.

The ‘The Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Masterclass’ offers you an online experience designed to introduce the essential tools and mindset required to succeed as an entrepreneur. You don’t need an idea or a team, just a willingness to explore your entrepreneurial potential.

You will learn from two of Scotlands top entrepreneurs (investors and consultants) who will share the decisions made and lessons learned from guiding over 20 businesses (between them) to national and international success. Drawing on the experience of your instructors; Russell Dalgleish and Kain Ramsay, you can take actionable ideas away from the course and use them to grow and develop your business startup.

Throughout this course, you will get lifetime access to over 16.5hrs of video-based training and further course resources. There is no deadline for completing the course, and you can study it around your current schedule and obligations.

The world has never been more in need of students who want to make a positive entrepreneurial difference. Today, studying and learning the art of innovative entrepreneurship is more straightforward thank you think.

The benefits of taking this course are that you can study it anytime, anywhere and from any device. You’re protected by a full money-back guarantee – which means that you can enrol on the course today, absolutely risk-free!

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