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The Complete Filmora9 Course For Professional Video Editing

The Complete Filmora9 Course For Professional Video Editing

Price: $19.99

In this video editing course, you will learn how to use wondershare filmora9 video editing software to edit videos like a pro.

This course is targeted as individuals who want to learn how to edit great videos, YouTube creators, Social media managers, Product owners, SME’s , individuals seeking to start a career as video editor, bloggers, vloggers, digital marketers e.t.c

No prerequisite knowledge is required as this course will teach you (step by step) basic concepts from the very scratch to advance video editing techniques in filmora9.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice using the course files which can be downloaded for free via the course website.

This course is divided into six(6) sections with the following goals/section:

  1. Introduction to Professional video editing with filmora9.

  2. Understand basic editing tools in filmora9 and complete section project.

  3. Know how to add effects, transition, and titles and complete a project.

  4. How to clean noisy background and add sound effects.

  5. Master advanced topics like green screen, split screen and advanced color correction.

  6. How to export your video in different formats

This course also includes a bonus section where you’ll learn the step by step process of cleaning audio files and noise reduction using audacity audio editing software.


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