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The Complete Meditation and Mindfulness Course

The Complete Meditation and Mindfulness Course

Price: $94.99

Science has proven time and again that meditation can restructure the brain and rewire it for success, better concentration, more peace and composure, greater compassion, less stress, and amazing improvements in all areas of life.

At the end of this course you’ll have extensive knowledge of the science and practice of meditation. You’ll be able to not only implement a meditation practice into your own life but also teach these tools to your friends and loved ones, if you wish, so they can also share in the immense benefits of meditation. Look, you don’t have to meditate for hours a day or resign yourself to a cave like a monk to receive the awesome benefits of meditation, as you’ll learn, even a small amount of meditation can have immeasurable results in your life.

Masters throughout history have taught meditation as a way to profoundly alter our experience of life, as a means to eliminate our suffering, and to cultivate more love, joy, and abundance.

Join us for this amazing course where you’ll learn not only the fundamentals of various types of meditation but you’ll also learn the science and immense benefits of what these meditations are doing to you both psychologically and physically and learn how to implement them into your daily life. So don’t wait, join us today and transform your life.


-Meditate properly and effectively

-Set up a home practice

-Implement meditation and mindfulness into your daily life

-Overcome anxiety and stress

-Rewire the brain for success

-Cultivate better concentration

-Cultivate more peace and composure

-Cultivate greater compassion

-Use your life to benefit others and yourself in a positive way

-Enjoy your life more!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “Brian, I just can’t meditate.” But the truth is, you’re meditating all the time; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In fact, you’re meditating right now.

Chances are when we think of meditation we think of sitting crossed legged, eyes closed, back straight and yes this is what we call formal meditation where we can skillfully direct our practice and we’re going to be learning a lot of this in this course, but right now there are unconscious thoughts, or meditations, playing like tape loops in your head.

Let me explain. We have these views or beliefs that we’ve cultivated since childhood.

These views were fed to us by our parents, friends, teachers, TV and anything else we were exposed to throughout our lives. They’re our cultural conditioning and we all have them. Those views become our meditations, our unconscious thoughts and most of them we’re not even consciously aware of. They cycle around deep in our unconscious mind and when the time is right all of our actions come out of those views, creating our lives because action is the bridge between thought and creation.

So formal meditation can serve as a way to not only become aware of those inner views and beliefs that are creating our outer reality but also a way for us to let go of beliefs and actions that are leading us to suffering in our lives and in the lives of others. Meditation is an amazing tool that helps us skillfully create more empowering habits and thus more empowering actions.

The Tibetan word for meditation is Gom, it literally translates into “to familiarize” so that’s what we’re doing in mediation, learning to familiarize our minds with positive and empowering thoughts. Formal meditation will help us to become aware of the thoughts and sensations in the body and then skillfully choose the ones that empower us to be the greatest benefit to ourselves and others.

Come and learn some amazing meditations that will make you more aware, mindful, focused, clear and stronger both mentally and physically. Think of your mind like a muscle, you can train it to serve you and the world. The unconscious mind has been our masters our entire life, dictating to you what to do. Through meditation you can consciously train it and become its master because the mind makes a far better servant than a master.


I have twenty years of experience as a practitioner and teacher of yoga and meditation. I’ve traveled throughout India, South East Asia, and the United States, studying and practicing intently with many credible teachers, healers and masters.

I’ve lived in monasteries and ashrams where I studied the mind and discovered powerful techniques that transformed my life from being in massive financial debt and homeless, broke in every sense of the word; in my relationships, spiritually and emotionally broke to applying what I learned and transforming my life into success and fulfilment in all of those areas. I now dedicate my life to teaching others these amazing transformational tools.

Throughout my life I’ve struggled with addictions and self-limiting beliefs that held me back and caused a lot of pain and suffering in my life. I used to work in TV & Film production, I worked at Comedy Central and had my own production company, but no matter how great my life seemed, I always had this nagging feeling of dissatisfaction that kept me searching & chasing more. And so of course I left my career and company and booked a one-way ticket to India. At that time I was studying a lot of Buddhist Psychology and Yoga in New York and really thought this was the answer, that I was going to go there and come back enlightened. So I went high up into the Himalayan Mountains and all throughout India and South East Asia studying with a lot of great healers, teachers and masters. I went on crazy adventures and I brought what I studied in Yoga and Buddhist Psychology back to New York with me only to realize that a lot of the crap I went to India to get away from was still there inside of me. I then went through a hard and dark time in my life. I battled not only addictions to substances but also addictions to my thoughts, addictions to expectations, addictions to how other people should be, addictions to how I should be and after years and years of this I had a profound experience in meditation one day that shifted my entire mind, I then began to apply everything I had learned and I had amazing results in my life. I started to uproot and transform beliefs and habits that weren’t making me the best I could be in the world and the greatest benefit to other people. And now I devote my life to teaching this powerful stuff to my students all around the world.

What you’re about to learn can have immense transformational effects on your life and I can’t wait to begin this journey toward success, meaning, purpose and abundance with you!



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