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The Ultimate Mind Map Course for Education

The Ultimate Mind Map Course for Education

Price: $49.99

Are you interested in improving organization skills, enhancing creativity and improving memory? Those are a few of the benefits that you’ll gain by taking the Ultimate Mind Map Course for Education.

There are currently 30 videos with over 2.5 hrs of video content. The videos are structured to be practical, quick and to the point…no fluff. I’ve purposefully, kept videos under 10 minutes to discuss applications and strategies. I’ve also included a list of free and paid Mind Map software options.

This course can be enjoyed by students, parents, teachers and life long learners.

It’s currently structured with three sections Introduction to Mind Mapping, School Applications and Personal Development.

Video titles include:

The Simplicity of Mind Maps
Mind Map Benefits
5 Mind Mapping categories for education
The power of questions
How to create templates
How to create “Master Mind Maps”
Course Management
Time management
Note Taking
Test Preparation
Writing Outlines
Group Work
Book Summaries

Mind Mapping is a journey. This is your Mind Map journey! Pick the video applications that work for you. Suggest future applications for the community. I will add more video examples for applications that the community wants to see.

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