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Time Management Skills for Law Students and Professionals

Time Management Skills for Law Students and Professionals

Price: $69.99


This is what this course seeks to achieve – to help you change your daily habits and convert yourself into a productive being by offering you the tips and techniques that actually work. The course teaches you lessons that you learn too late in your life. These are realities of the professional life and the earlier you act upon them, the better for your career and prosperous life.

This course that does not just give out valuable tips and techniques, it also aims to prepare you mentally and that is the theme running through the whole course.


  1. Downloadable (Excel) 14 Days Time Tracking Planner Cum Time Table
  2. Table of the Principle of Urgency and Importance (Adapted for Law Students)
  3. Sample List of Law Subjects

The course has been primarily designed for law students, however due to its rigorous techniques the students of business, management and other competitive disciplines may also find this course extremely helpful. Make sure that you apply and implement the techniques recommended in this course. This course is not a dream world course, where you work for a couple of days and enjoy the rest of the week. This course encourages you to face the realities and prepare yourself for the rigours of the academic and professional life and thrive in the competitive world of law and business.

This course does not take you to the imaginary world, where you can achieve everything within ‘3 days’. The course exposes you to the realities of academic and professional legal career. The course urges you to prepare yourself for the competitive and rewarding life ahead, waiting for those who learn to get what it takes to be a successful legal professional.

Legal education and the profession is not for the faint hearted, it is for the competitive, committed and resilient ones who are ready to take on the challenges of the legal career.

Dive into this course, immerse yourself into the tips and techniques by practising them everyday and change yourself into a successful person.

The Course answers the following questions:

  1. What are the different challenges and time management requirements for law students?
  2. How the law students should track and plan their time?
  3. Procrastination and how to deal with this monster effectively?
  4. Habits to avoid and habits to develop.
  5. Distractions and Interruptions – How to deal with these permanent parasites?
  6. Different time management techniques, recommended and adapted for law students.
  7. Allocation of time to different law subjects.
  8. How to allocate time during examinations time period?
  9. Time management techniques for students undertaking intensive courses.
  10. How to develop a mind-set for a successful academic and professional life?

This is what the students have said about my other courses:

*** “The course is excellent … explains everything in a plain language. Thank you.”

*** “The beauty is that these are very good and short lectures ,I will say a must-have course for anyone interested in improving his legal research skills. This course conveys in few sittings what books will tell in hundreds….”

Photos Courtesy: Pixabay (Creative Commonc (cc))

Standard Legal Disclaimer – Please note that nothing in my courses amount to a legal or professional advice to any of your individual issues in relation to any matter. There are no guarantees and warranties of any kind given in these courses. There is no offer to provide legal or non-legal services of any kind.

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