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UNICEF Internship Programme 2021 – Fully Funded

UNICEF Internship Programme 2021 – Fully Funded

UNICEF Internship Programme is a fully-funded internship program in which candidates will receive a stipend, living expenses, a visa fee, and appropriate work funding.

Interns will meet in a multicultural environment. The duration of the internship ranges from 6 to 26 weeks. Candidates may be required to either work full-time or not.

UNICEF Internship Programme 2021 »

The UNICEF 2021 Internship is a great opportunity for students and recent graduates. This internship will help them gain practical experience in their field of interest. A great part of this internship is that it is available worldwide.

All candidates will receive possible resources and care for their internship. This internship at UNICEF would be very rewarding and fruitful for the interns. It would also help candidates grow personally and professionally.

Host countries:

Several countries (varies depending on availability)

Eligible candidates:

Undergraduate students
graduate students
Graduate students have been enrolled in

Internship Duration:

6-26 weeks

Financial Aid:

A stipend will be provided to interns during the internship.
Living expenses will be covered.
A lump sum will be provided to cover travel expenses for visa advertising.
A stipend is provided to interns as a contribution to the funding of the internship project.

UNICEF 2021 Internship Eligibility Criteria:

  • A candidate must be enrolled either in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree program or in the past two years he must have been graduated.
  • A candidate must be proficient either in English, Spanish, or French language.
  • A candidate must have an excellent academic background.
  • Also, a candidate must be familiar with the working language of the office.
  • A candidate is not eligible if his any immediate relative works or have been worked with UNICEF.
  • A candidate should be no younger than 18 years.

How to Apply for the UNICEF Internship 2021?

  • A candidate is directed to visit the official website of UNICEF and find recent jobs and opportunities.
    Secondly, applicants should assess which position they can fit better.
  • After the selection of the opportunities, they should create their profile via the official website and submit an online profile of recruitment.
    A CV and cover letter would also be attached.

Application Deadline:

Application Deadline varies according to the Job and opportunities, so don’t be late to apply.



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