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WAEC past questions and answers-Physics

Last Updated on March 27, 2020 by Ephraim Iyodo

Here are the past questions and answers on Physics from previous years.We have taken our time to pick out questions that students have difficulty in solving all around West Africa.

1.The velocities of light in air and glass are 3.0 ⨉ 10⁸ms-¹ respectively.Calculate the sine of the angle of inci dence that will produce an angle of refraction of 30° for a ray of light incident on glass. A. 1.2  B. 1.0 C. 0.8  D.0.6 E.0.3


n=3.0 × 10⁸÷1.8 × 10⁸=5÷3=1.667

n=sin i÷sin r   sin i=n sinr = 5÷3 × sin 30° =5÷6

⁖ i=sin 5÷6≏0.8     C.

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