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We Give The Exclusive Student Life At The Lancaster University In England.

We Give The Exclusive Student Life At The Lancaster University In England.

Student life at Lancaster University is diverse, exciting and international.

Here, you’ll be part of a welcoming college community, and you’ll have full support from our student services.

Everything you need is on campus, from academic departments and health centres, to our cinema, arts venues and £20m sports centre.

Life at Lancaster University


College Life

All undergraduates belong to one of nine Lancaster colleges, eight for undergraduate and one especially for postgraduate students.

From the day you arrive you will be part of your college community, even if you live off-campus.

Each college has around 1,000 undergraduate students, as well as leisure facilities and welfare support.

The colleges run regular social events, including winter balls and summer parties, and you can represent your college in sports and events.

Art Venues

Lancaster Arts

Our campus Arts venues host nationally important theatre shows, dance events, exhibitions and concerts. UK and international artists perform at our venues, which include: the Great Hall, the Peter Scott Gallery, and the Nuffield Theatre.


Lancaster’s on-campus cinema is run by students; showing Hollywood movies, classics and international films.

Sport Facilities

Our £20 million Sports Centre and new outdoor facilities rank sixth in the UK in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2015. At Lancaster, we have a large range of sports facilities, clubs and annual events available to all students. Within the sports centre you will find a climbing wall, gym and swimming pool, as well as multiple football pitches, tennis courts, and rugby pitches just to name a few.

Competitive sports

There are more than 100 different sports clubs to join at Lancaster. All levels are welcome, from beginners to experienced sports people. We also host annual events that include:

  • Carter Shield – compete for your college in this annual university event
  • Inter Varsity (BUCS) fixtures – compete against other universities in a huge range of sports fixtures
  • Roses Tournament – compete against York University in the largest inter-university sports tournament in Europe. Events range from skiing to darts

Student Clubs

Lancaster Student Union (LUSU)

LUSU organises a wide range of student clubs, societies and events to help students

  • Groups and societies – there are almost 200 activity groups to join, from dancing and charity groups, to sky diving and skiing clubs.
  • Volunteering – projects include environmental, business and social enterprising opportunities. These can help you gain new skills and improve your employability.
  • Annual events – highlights include our Christmas Market, Campus festival, and the Graduation ball.

Student support

Our friendly staff are here to support you during your studies and beyond. We offer help and advice, and can recommend other support services.

The Base

Not sure where to go for the help you need? Ask the enquiry desk staff at The Base for advice on any student matter, or arrange an appointment with an adviser. Staff can refer you to the specialist area to help, including Counselling, Disability and the Visa and Immigration team.

Chaplaincy Centre

This independent centre has facilities for different religions, groups and services. Students have open access to chapels, meditation spaces and worship areas for many faiths. There is even a kosher kitchen and natural healthcare practitioners to help you.

Health & Wellbeing

Lancaster University campus has a medical practice, dental surgery and pharmacy. Natural health care services are based in the Chaplaincy Centre. Experienced counsellors are also available to provide confidential and professional support on personal, family, social, academic or other matters.

Lancaster Student Union (LUSU)

LUSU’s education and support service offers independent advice and information about studying, housing, wellbeing and finances.


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