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17 Soft Skills You Need in the 21st Century

17 Soft Skills You Need in the 21st Century

Price: $94.99

Soft Skills (a vital portion of an individual’s personality) is an intangible idea in which the qualities like attitude, ability, integrity, reliability, positivity, flexibility, dependability, punctuality, management, cooperation, habits and practices are combined proficiently to
capitalize on a person’s work efficacy. Soft Skills do the work of combining all these components in accurate share into skills and shaping them into competencies.

Companies opt for, maintain and prop up persons who are trustworthy, ingenious, principled and good communicators and who are prepared to work under stress. These lessons are developed with a view to create awareness of the importance of the soft skills and assist the learners to improve them.

This Soft skill training course has been developed with an objective to develop employees and managers and enhance professionalism. Our soft skill course let the candidates take deep dive into different areas of communication including negotiation skills, presentation skills, leadership skills, time management, customer service and more.


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