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2019 is all about you! With a UNICAF Scholarship, you can earn a Recognised Master’s

Say hello to a brand new year 2019 and a new chance to achieve success in all your endeavors with a an up to 60% UNICAF Scholarship!
UNICAF offers you the opportunity to earn a recognised degree from one of it’s partner universities at a fraction of the programme’s original cost!

The University of South Wales is one of the largest in the UK, offering more opportunities and better prospects for students.
1. MBA – Master’s in Business Administration
2. MA in Education
3. LLM (Master of Laws)
4. MSc in Psychology
5. MSc in Public Health

The Unicaf University is an independent, accredited university, offering high quality internationally recognised qualifications.
1. MBA – Master’s in Business Administration
2. MBA Oil and Gas Management
3. MBA Health Management
4. MBA Finance
5. MBA Management Information Systems
6. MBA Management
7. MSc Health Management
8. MSc Web Design and Development
9. MA Education
10. MSc Managerial Psychology
11. MPA – Master of Public Administration
12. LLM – Master of Laws

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