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28 Day Journaling Kick Start

28 Day Journaling Kick Start

Price: $34.99

28 Days Journaling Kickstart

New to journaling? Tried it and not stuck with it? Lapsed? Or even a seasoned journaler…

It doesn’t matter where you are with journaling, today is a great day to dive into this short course and give your journal and writing an airing. You will be pleased that you did.

Course structure

We start by looking at what journaling is and then get you started on your journaling journey and writing each day.

After you have done your first 14 days, it’s time to dive into another 14 days of insightful and inspiring journaling prompts. At the end you are invited to reflect on what you have learned and hopefully you will be hooked and raring to continue.

Both journaling and reflecting are immensely healing activities in themselves.

How long will it take?

You are encouraged to journal for 28 days to create a good habit. The exercises are designed to get you thinking and for you to a) follow in a linear fashion or b) randomly try things – if this is your way.

Why take this course?

This course is for anyone who feels ‘stuck’ with journaling and just wants to get going and have a way to kick-start the process and support their mental health and healing.

What else?

Many people who to use journalling daily (or almost daily) have discovered that it really does change their lives.

Kick-start your journaling with these highly creative writing exercises – who knows where it will lead you.

Get ready to write!


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