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Analytic Investigations (Intermediate Level)

Analytic Investigations (Intermediate Level)

Price: $59.99

If you conduct investigations – then you need this course! In it I will teach you how to:

· Develop an Investigative Plan from information mined from your case files

· Construct an Entity of Interest Worksheet from an analysis of your case files

· Prepare an Association Matrix that ensures everyone related to the investigation is accounted for

· Determine Investigative Next Steps based on your analysis of the Association Matrix and related tools

This course is designed for investigative professionals across job fields and industries including:
Attorneys, Private Investigators, Insurance Investigators, Military and Civilian Police Investigators, Fraud Investigators, Journalists, Consulting Detectives, and more!

This course will show you how to manage your investigations, reveal hidden leads, and position your case for a successful resolution, while reducing potential issues of bias.

This is an Intermediate level course (part 2 in the Analytical Investigations Training (AIT) series) developed for practicing analysts and investigators.

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