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Arduino Mastery Projects

Arduino Mastery Projects

Price: $49.99

If you have already taken, or are in the process of taking my Arduino Step by Step Getting Started course, or if you already know the basics of the Arduino platform, then with a little practice you can create very interesting and fun projects on your own!

We created this project course for anyone who wants to practice the design of simple gadgets based on the Arduino.

These projects will give you the opportunity to apply your knowledge of individual components and simple programming to design and make fun gadgets.

By the end of this course, you will have dramatically improved your skills and confidence in designing small Arduino-based systems. You will be able to go on and create your own gadgets.

Learning how to design a simple system requires you to think not just about the individual components, but also about how they will work together, how the end-user will interact with your gadget, and how to iterate from prototype to the final version

In this course you will practice simple system design by creating 10 gadgets of increasing difficulty.

If you have an Arduino and a few basic components, like environment sensors, an LCD screen, buttons and LEDs, then you are ready to get started with this course!

I invite you to review the free lectures in the first section of the course to find out more details about it.

If you are excited about making simple gadgets with the Arduino, join many other Makers and me in Arduino Step by Step Getting Started – Projects!

PLEASE consider the list of prerequisites of this course carefully. If you are not familiar with any of the prerequisites, please consider enrolling to Arduino Step by Step Getting Started first. That course will help you prepare for this project course.


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