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Cisco Management Network Fundamentals

Cisco Management Network Fundamentals

Price: $19.99

Network Management Fundamentals

Most of the time spent by network administrators is management, monitoring and configuration of network devices. Consider the sheer number of software packages deployed to manage increasingly complex network systems. You will learn the fundamentals of network management and protocols. Introductory course for network administrators, support analysts, and data center technicians. Packet tracer labs are downloadable for hands-on configuration experience. Learn how to manage Cisco network devices, upgrade IOS software and configure management protocols.

Management Interfaces

  • Managing Switches

  • Management VLAN

  • Loopback Interfaces

  • Cisco Architecture

Remote Access

  • Secure Shell (SSHv2)

  • Telnet

  • Out-of-Band Management

Network Monitoring Protocols

  • Introduction to SNMP

  • Monitoring Protocols

  • Network Time Protocol (NTP)

File Management

  • Configuration Scripts

  • Cisco IOS Images

  • IOS Software Upgrade

  • Router Password Recovery

  • TFTP Server

Course Highlights

  • Learn centralized management and monitoring of Cisco network infrastructure

  • Configure standard network monitoring protocols such as SNMP, Syslog, NTP

  • Packet tracer labs are downloadable for hands-on configuration experience

  • Learn how to enable out-of-band (OOB) management for back door access

  • Learn how to upgrade and backup IOS software and configuration scripts

  • Cisco Management VLAN and loopback interfaces for Layer 3 monitoring

  • SSHv2 remote management access with encryption of payload session

Shaun Hummel is author of certification books, video courses and recipient of Cisco spotlight awards. 20+ years of experience with Fortune 100 companies, large data centers, certification training, and globally connected infrastructure. There is an effective step-by-step approach that goes well beyond a single book or video course. It includes certification study prep courses, top-rated lab guide, pre-exam testing and exclusive exam day whiteboard.


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