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Azure Pipeline & App Center for Xamarin Projects

Azure Pipeline & App Center for Xamarin Projects

Price: $79.99

Comparison between manual and Azure Pipeline publishing of Android & iOS app

  • Xamarin.Android App Publishing on Google Play Store Manually

    • Create Keyfile/upload key.

    • Create App on Google Play.

    • Sign .apk with Keyfile/upload key and upload it on Google Play.

  • Xamarin.iOS App Publishing on Apple App Store Manually

    • Create certificate, Identifier and Profile on Apple developer portal.

    • Install certificate & Provisioning Profile on development machine.

    • Create App on appstoreconnect where iOS app will publish.

    • Sign *.ipa with distribution provisioning and upload signed *.ipa to appstoreconnect using Transporter.

  • Azure Pipeline

    • Azure DevOps Basics

    • Azure Pipeline Architecture Overview

    • Azure Pipeline and .yml file

    • Azure Pipeline Tasks

  • App Center

    • App center Basics

    • App Center Build Services

    • App Center Distribute Services

    • App Center Distribute Release

    • Connect to Google Play from App Center

    • Connect to Apple App Store from.

  • Azure Pipeline for Xamarin.Android Project

    • Create Xamarin.Android Pipeline with default tasks

    • Add Key file in Azure Pipeline Library

    • Add Android Signing, App Center Distribute Task and Publish Artifacts task with all required inputs parameters

    • Run task and publish the Android app on Google Play using App center

  • Azure Pipeline for Xamarin.iOS Project

    • Create Xamarin.iOS Pipeline with default tasks.

    • Add .p12 certificate and Distribution Provisioning Profile in Azure Pipeline Library

    • Add Apple Certificate Installation, Apple Provisioning Profile Signing,Publish Artifacts and App Center Distribute task with all required parameter in Pipeline.

    • Run task and publish the iOS app on Apple App store using App center

  • Beyond the Basics

  • Extension for Azure

  • Version Pipeline Task for Android & iOS

  • Azure CLI & Bash Pipeline Task

  • App Center Service Connection

  • DistrbutionStoreID


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