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Basics of Digital Techniques

Basics of Digital Techniques

Price: Free

This Course provides an Overview of Number Systems and Logic Gates in Digital Circuits. It give a general overview of the design of Logic Gates starting from the problem to truth table and after this obtaining a function relies to the combination of inputs. It provides for students the opportunity to design a circuit based on Gates. This course is basic to understand digital system.

This Course includes following topics with Simple Animated Video Explanation.

  • Introduction to number system & terms related to it. ( Terms – Bit, Byte. Nibble )

  • Convert the Number from the given Number System to the specified Number System. ( Number systems – Decimal , Binary, Octal , Hexadecimal an their Conversions from one Number System to another (Integer and Fractional).)

  • Perform the given Binary Arithmetic Operation on the given Data. (Binary Arithmetic – Compliments – 1’s and 2’s, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division (up to 8 bit).

  • Codes – BCD, Gray, ASCII, EBCDIC ( Their Conversion with Examples )

  • Derive the Truth Table of the given basic Logic Gate/ Derived Logic Gate. Basic gates ( AND,OR,NOT ) , Derived gates (NAND,NOR,EX-OR,EX-NOR) , Universal gates)

  • In this test you can Test your Knowledge in Logic Gates and there is a two part of test first part is Logic Gate basics and the second part is NAND & NOR Gate.


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