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Beginner’s Guide To Making Money In Stand-Up Comedy

Beginner’s Guide To Making Money In Stand-Up Comedy

Price: $49.99

SECTION 1: Finding Paid Gigs

This section will teach you exact steps for making money with your comedy. Learn how the business of comedy works, how to approach bookers for booked shows, comedy clubs, corporate shows, and many others.

SECTION 2: Producing Your Own Shows

Want to own your own comedy show and get paid (even if you’re performing somewhere else that night)? Learn exact steps for building your own successful comedy show. You’ll learn how to secure a venue, find talent, and effectively market your show to draw big crowds.

SECTION 3: Bonus – Maximizing Laughter and Becoming Memorable

In the bonus section you’ll learn how to take your career to the next level. You’ll learn exactly why audiences laugh and how to apply it on stage to get massive laughs. You’ll discover how to optimize your performance for maximizing laughs.

Next, you’ll learn the secret to amazing storytelling and character development on stage. Learn how to apply POV (Point-of-View) Humor to create hilarious, believable characters in your performances.

Next, you’ll learn a step-by-step method on how to create hilarious analogies.

Last, you’ll discover creative thinking strategies that will help you write material that is both more effective and more memorable.


Jared is a professional comedian and creativity trainer. He was a finalist in the Great American Comedy Festival and has been an opener for top-comedians like Kyle Cease (#1 Comedy Central Special of 2008, 10 Things I Hate About You, Not Another Teen Movie) and Louis Anderson (#92 on the “100 Greatest Comedians of All-Time” List by Comedy Central). He received a master’s in Creativity & Innovation in 2014, and has since developed several programs designed to increase comedians’ creativity.


“This is one of those courses that covers the basics and goes beyond. It gives you the box and then tells you what is outside of it. I am not sure if it is ahead of its time, but it is DEFINITELY TIME FOR IT!”

~Dave Johnson- Award-winning Comedy/Magician, clients include various conventions and Fortune 500 companies.


“This course offered much insight to the creative mind of the comedian. This information is not only brilliant but also intuitive. They’ve found a way to put the creative process in measurable terms. This course is mandatory for all people wanting to have a career as a stand-up artist.”

~Nick Olivas- Lewis and Floorwax Show, 103,5 Fox FM


“You’re my new hero. This course is a much-needed resource for the thousands of comedians (including me!) who need no-nonsense, practical advice for generating ideas, fine-tuning material, overcoming challenges, developing an original style, and mapping out a career.

~Paula Johnson- Co-Producer, The Joke Gym, Los Angeles


Faster & Funnier is a must for anyone serious about making a career in comedy. It has valuable insights to creating and performing original material. I found the course easy to understand and implement the recommended strategies. Thanks for putting this together, it has helped me become a better comedian.

~Dickey Bill Wagner- Producer, Host, and Headliner


This course has brought a new dimension to my understanding of comedy. Jared breaks down what the pros are doing and how you can achieve amazing results on stage. I’ve read many stand-up comedy books. This is the only book that has given me a deeper understanding of why comedy works and how to use that knowledge to further my career.

~Comedian Ellery Allexis- Actor, Comedian, Producer, and Host

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