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HINTS & TIPS dealing with IT Recruitment as IT professional

HINTS & TIPS dealing with IT Recruitment as IT professional

Price: $19.99

If you are an IT Professional who has to deal with human resources, IT agencies or headhunters then you can’t afford to miss out the course hints & tips.

This course includes 4 case studies, each case study has its own main persona and simulated scenario:

Scenario 1: A Software Test Engineer quitting his job with an ambition to become the head of QA.

Scenario 2: A Solution Architect with entrepreneurial attitude who wants to start his own business.

Scenario 3: A Business Analyst with the desire to be a bank Executive Director.

Scenario 4: A Software Developer who wants to work & live in Switzerland as a contractor.

These IT professionals have to deal with Human Resources, IT recruitment and awkward situations to achieve their goals, visions, plans and priorities.

What will you learn: from the Software Test Engineer scenario:

  • How to avoid inefficient job hunting strategy

  • How to avoid negative phone interviews

  • How to avoid adopting the wrong attitude

  • How to avoid a bad reference from your last employer

  • How to avoid applying for the same job twice

  • How to avoid spamming your CV

  • How to deal with Human Resources face to face interviews

  • How to cope with interview questions

  • Understand your contractual obligations, early resignation & legal impact

  • How to participate and play a role of a coach, to analyze awkward situations

  • How to suggest improvement from Lessons learnt

This case study includes : 2 Practical tests – 3 Quizzes and 1 assignment.

What will you learn: from the Solution Architect scenario:

  • How to perform a thorough search using communication skills and own network

  • How to determine the right business model for your business as an entrepreneur

  • What business module should you choose to suit your needs

  • How to deal with IT recruitment as an entrepreneur to help your business with candidates hiring

  • You will participate in identifying pitfalls during the recruitment process as HR moderator

This case study includes : 2 Quizzes and 1 assignment.

What will you learn: from the Business Analyst scenario:

  • How to apply the 7 step job hunting strategy

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Job-hunting strategy

  • How to stand out from the crowd

  • How to get employers & headhunters to find you

  • How to search for the right job using job-boards

  • How to narrow down your Google search terms

  • How to map your CV with job specifications

  • How collect useful information on your next employer

  • How to present your cover letter with your CV to your future employer

  • How to use social network platforms to help your profile rank well on search engines

  • How to grow your social media network

  • How to relate hashtag keywords in your profile so that employers & headhunters can find you

  • How to use your social media profile to gain competitive advantage to increases your job opportunities

This case study includes : 2 Quizzes and 1 assignment.

What will you learn: from the Software Developer scenario:

  • The difference between a contractor/independent contractor, self-employed/freelancer and a service company

  • The advantages of working for a services company or a recruitment agency

  • CV & Cover letter hints & tips

  • Participate and provide constructive criticism to avoid common mistakes when submitting CV & Cover letter

  • Understand recruiters point of view when they judge candidate’s job application

  • The best way to explain gaps between jobs in your CV

  • How many pages should your CV contain?

  • Present your CV with a personal statement to attract employers

  • Improve the look and feel of your CV

  • Agency telephone screen interview and type of questions you might be asked

  • How the agency can help you to enhance & promote your CV to the end client

  • How to access resources and information about working and living in Switzerland

  • Lessons Learnt, hints & tips from my past experience as an IT professional contractor in the UK & Switzerland.

This case study includes : 4 Quizzes and downloadable resources

What do you get when you buy this course?

  • Life time access to the course video lectures downloads and updates

  • Full support: IT professional career aspects (hints & tips)

  • Full support: Contract/Permanent employments (hints & tips)

  • Full support: Working and living in Switzerland/UK (hints & tips)

Please note: 30 day money back guarantee, you’ve nothing to lose.

Enroll now and don’t miss the course hints & tips.

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