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Building a Computer: From Zero to PC Hero

Building a Computer: From Zero to PC Hero

Price: $59.99

What is a PC Hero?

A PC Hero is someone that is able to not only build a computer with their mind and body, but also show others how to do the same. This course promises to take you from “What is a CPU?” to “That Intel i7 CPU can fit in this LGA1151 motherboard.” Looks like another language right now? Not after this course.

So what exactly do I learn?

The course begins with us meeting face to face and you get a taste of my uniqueness. Then you will find yourself in a lengthy but entertaining and informative PowerPoint that talks about every part of a computer. Every now and then you take a break from the slides and get to step into operating systems such as Linux. After the conclusion of the presentation, you begin the build. With a sky-view of the build process, you get to see each and every step along the way, including a major happy accident made by your own instructor.

Is this worth taking?

Short Answer: If you want to.

Long Answer: Yes! I have recorded over 7 hours of video footage, included the 200+ slide power point, and created a few checklists to help you in the purchasing and building phases of this course. Don’t worry, this course will be updated with more guides and resources based on your very own feedback. See you in class soon!

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