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Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette

Price: $79.99

Welcome to the Business Etiquette Course. Success in any industry relies on relationships, whether with co-workers, clients, suppliers, or investors. When you’re well-mannered and considerate in dealing with others, you create engaging, productive, and long term business relationships. As such, it is important to learn, not just the technical side of a business, but how to conduct one’s self in the company of others.

This is where business etiquette comes in. This course will introduce participants to business etiquette, as well as provide guidelines for the practice of business etiquette across different situations.

Business Communication Etiquette

Communication is one of most important tools in the business environment. We’ll give you tips to make sure your communication skills the best.

Building a Professional Image

Your image is the greatest asset for your career. We show you how to refine and develop your image at a new level including how to dress and how to carry yourself.

How to Network, Networking Etiquette

Networking is key to your success, we show you how to network like a pro.

Cellphone Etiquette

We show you communicating with care, efficiency, and poise using the cell phone.

Voice Mail Etiquette

We cover mastering voicemail techniques for that professional touch.

Business Dress Etiquette

We learn how to dress with business savvy and how to make the statement that matches the corporate image you want to portray.

Email Etiquette

We teach you how to manage your email and not let your email manage you. This includes message formatting, tone, and “how to” for email responses.


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