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Fundamentals of Business Etiquette and Personal Grooming

Fundamentals of Business Etiquette and Personal Grooming

Price: $79.99

Business Etiquette and Personal Grooming is vital for the success of every organization. Staff with good conduct and attitude adds more value to an organization and produce the desired result of profitability as well as gives the company an edge over competitors.

Business Etiquette is in essence about building relationships with people. In the business world, it is people that influence your success or failure. Etiquette, in particular business etiquette, is simply a means of maximizing business potential.

Most world class organizations recognize that people are their most important asset and that organizational performance is built on individual and team performance. Excellent Business Etiquette has now being recognized as one of the key factors in ensuring that an organization remains permanently successful.

Your customers appreciate staff that are courteous and an environment that is warm and cordial. The customers want a warm welcome and would most likely return to buy more products if properly treated.

This session is aimed at ensuring that your organization equips your employees with excellent business etiquette skills that will make them more credible, creative, challenged and have excellent conduct and manners while achieving more profit for your company on the long run..

Customers of today have choices and would move on to businesses where they feel appreciated . It is therefore advisable to put in strategies that would encourage staff to have good manners and be well groomed.

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