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CISM Information Security Management Program Exam

CISM Information Security Management Program Exam

Price: $59.99

Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following is the most important SIGNOFF Control Order of migration processing system from a test environment to a production environment?

a) user

b) safety

c) operations

d) Database

e) None

Q) Before a third party to carry out an attack and penetration test against the organization, it is the most important measure to ensure that:

a) third party gives a demonstration on a test system.

b) Goals and objectives are clearly defined.

c) technical staff have been informed of what to expect.

d) special backup production servers are accepted.

e) None

Q) When the departmental system continues to be out of compliance with the requirements of the security password strength information, it is the best measure for

a) refer the matter to the committee.

b) assess the impact on the quantitative risk assessment.

c) isolate the system from the rest of the network.

d) to request the adoption of a risk management review.

e) None

Q) Which of the following is most important for the successful promotion of best practice security management?

a) Security ~~ POS = TRUNC Metrics

b) Security ~~ POS = Trunc baselines

c) management support ~~ POS = HEAD COMP

d) training

e) None

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