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Complete Admin Panel Development – CodeIgniter 3.x Framework

Complete Admin Panel Development – CodeIgniter 3.x Framework

Price: $59.99

Inside this course students / developers are going to learn about complete guide for

  • Understanding complete architecture to handle CodeIgniter 3.x framework application

  • Project workflow preparation

  • Database Management learning for a application

  • Code Reuse & its management

  • Project development with quality & standards

  • Easy & Simple code standards Integrations

  • Step by step learning for each about layout, function & code

  • Handling every aspect of a project to a deep level in simple concept

  • Course provides the best skill to make standalone project developer

All these topics we’ll cover in detail with live coding standards of CodeIgniter 3.x Framework.

Inside this video, student/developer needs only a bit knowledge of MVC pattern of CodeIgniter & little bit about jQuery & Database. That’s it. Rest all things will be cleared during each detailed session.


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