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Complete Agile scrum project management using JIRA tool

Complete Agile scrum project management using JIRA tool

Price: $39.99

This course will help everyone to know detailed/complete agile project management using JIRA tool. All the JIRA features are explained in detail with the help of a project.

JIRA software is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software.

JIRA is a single tool but for many uses,

Plan: We can create user stories, issues, sprint planning, and Task distribution

Track: Prioritize and track each task

Report: We can have reports in detail for the project to know the project status easily

Below features will be covered as part of this JIRA course and each feature will be covered with the practical approach in Agile scrum project,

Overview Agile

What is Scrum

Scrum Overview

Scrum benefits

Scrum roles

Scrum artifacts

What is Sprint

Scrum planning

Scrum daily standup

Scrum retrospective

Introduction to JIRA

Benefits of JIRA

Features of JIRA

JIRA installation

Basic concepts of JIRA

Creating a Scrum board

Configuring a Scrum board

Working with epics

Working with Sprints

Working with Issues

JIRA Dashboard

Searching issues

Create / manage filters

Using JIRA Agile Gadgets

Creating the Reports (dashboard)

Configuring / managing the dashboard

JIRA Administration

Manage Users in JIRA

Create and manage issues

Create the Filters

Share the Filters / Dashboard

Create the task and subtask

Clone the issues

Each feature with a practical example


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