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Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Price: $94.99

Design Thinking….Mastering the Science of Mind

“Your imagination is everything…it is the preview of your life’s coming attractions”. Albert Einstein

Mind Science is based on applied evidence-based research taking the reader on 365- day learning journey. Learn how to apply positive emotion and thought for purposeful life experience creation turning thoughts to things. Learn Mind Science from the common perspectives of Quantum Physics, Physics, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Psychology, Spirituality, Theology, Neuroscience and Leadership of Past and 21st Century.

Mind Science takes you on a voyage of self-discovery understanding the law of attraction, the multiple intelligence’s, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, spirituality, quantum physics, economics, neuroscience, metaphysics, tips and strategies from 21st century leaders and leaders of past.

Supplemental activities and lessons included are:

How to Complete the Program
Journal writing / Self – Reflection
Creative Visualization
Emotion Energy Tuner
Law of Attraction
Emotional Intelligence
Multiple Intelligence’s
Tips / Strategies

If you have any interest in taking total control of your life experience to create the life that you want, you should take this course!

Results are based on your own understanding and application.

Learn how to “design your thinking”….learn how to master the science of mind”.

This course is filled with video and text content.

Downloadable Text Book – 365 Days of Support

Hundreds of processes, strategies and support tips to maximize the emotion mind.

Learn how to apply the emotion mind to the multiple intelligence’s.

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