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Practicing Emotional Intelligence

Practicing Emotional Intelligence

Price: $34.99

“How Do You Show Up? – Practicing Emotional Intelligence”

Are you ready to dig in to answer the question “How Do You Show Up? and find out how you can begin practicing emotional intelligence right away via “up-front ” and “to the point” real conversation? In this course, we will address how your self-perception matches how you are perceived by your peers and family. Are you often misunderstood? Have you been passed over for promotion? Do you consider yourself a good listener? Are you a good team player? Would you like to improve your self-awareness and self-management skills?

If these questions caused you to “Pause and Think” then this class is for you.

In this course, will dive into identifying emotions, defining Emotional Intelligence (EI), the benefits of applying the skillsets, and begin practicing the Emotional Intelligence competencies right away.

You will learn how to be more aware and how to tap into your powers to decide how you will respond to situations that trigger your emotions.

Each lesson is followed by a journal prompt that encourages you to reflect upon the lesson, capture your thoughts about the topic, and consider how you will practice applying what you have learned to your life.

Join today and begin to realize the benefits of emotional intelligence both professional and personally.

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