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Essay Writing Tips for Students Who Study Abroad

Essay Writing Tips for Students Who Study Abroad

Studying abroad is both a blessing and a challenge, as it is both an exciting experience and terra incognita, which you enter without much prior experience and knowledge in the field. If you have friends from your country with you, it is better, but if you are all alone, it will take more time to socialize. Socializing is not only about spending some fun time with other people. It is also about getting information from them, staying in the loop, getting some practical tips on how things are done in this country, in this field.


Essay writing is one such field. It differs from country to country. Here are some peculiarities you can encounter:

  • Standards deadlines. In some countries, students receive essay tasks at the beginning of the semester or a term, in others, every month, in others, with every topic.
  • Preferred formatting styles. Some countries use their specific formatting styles, some follow the international ones – APA, MLA, Harvard, etc. However, even among the international ones, countries choose different winners.
  • Plagiarism. Every college or university in every developed country is against plagiarism. Being accused of plagiarism is a nightmare. However, in some countries you can be expelled, in others, just your paper won’t be graded, you can be fined and need to start this course all over again.


There is much more essay writing peculiarities students abroad should know about, and here are some tips on how to deal with them:


  1. Always write an essay plan a day before you receive an assignment. This way, you will have a solid beginning and will be ready to write faster, submit earlier and make adequate changes to your work. Also, in some countries, in colleges, professors agree to look at your plan and advise some adjustments. It is very helpful, as you, in the end, have a preliminarily confirmed skeleton of your paper.
  2. If you address a professional essay writing service for help, look for quality ESL writers first of all. If English is your second language, you cannot start buying essays from some Ph.D. diploma-holding ENL writer. The difference will be too evident. When addressing such a service like WriteMyPaperHub with your request to write my essay free, make sure to talk to a support manager online and tell your story briefly. They will find the most suitable paper writer for you.
  3. Start working on your essays before your local peers do. Again, even if you speak the same language, you face different problems, and you face more. Some routine things, like laundry, or food delivery, or visiting a doctor, steal more time from you than from them. It means you need to start writing earlier, keeping in mind that something unexpected can happen.
  4. Ask for the local most usable sources. First, do you remember in most of the countries you can use Wikipedia as a reliable academic source? Second. You should ask from your peers and professors, which sources are mostly used and seen as trustworthy. They vary from country to country, and having such a list can be very helpful, especially from the very beginning.
  5. Find a support group or organize it. It sounds a little creepy, but there is nothing wrong with support groups. Usually, there are groups for international students on campus. Here, you can get almost any information, look for people who will help you with essay proofreading to get you started and support you in small routine challenges.


For what it’s worth, we promise you will get used to essay writing in another country very soon. Almost everyone else does. It is not easy, but finally, you understand how it works and make it another routine. There are lots of brilliant ESL students who write much better papers than the locals, and you can be one of them. Yes, you will have to put more effort into that, but the result is worth it. When you get stuck, or the deadline is scarily close, it is a good idea to contact a professional writing service to lose your pace. Their papers can be used as perfectly composed samples based on your custom instructions. Use all the means to learn and succeed! Especially if after graduation, you plan on building a career in this country.

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