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Real World Software Leadership & Problem Solving in BI

Real World Software Leadership & Problem Solving in BI

Price: $39.99

Are you a Developer, an Analyst, a Lead? Any Tool – MicroStrategy, Tableau, Cognos etc. the tools don’t matter much as a Leader.

Do you wish to become a Leader in BI? Grow from a Developer or a Team Lead to a Manager, Senior Manager or a Director?

If you want to grow in your career and make big bucks, you need to understand the nuts and bolts of what happens in a leadership position. This Practice Test does exactly that – it gives you insights into what a BI Leader does, what challenges he/she faces etc.

Though the course has Business Intelligence as the focus area, similar strategies and techniques are applicable in other areas also mostly because, people are just people no matter what technology you choose !

This practice test throws a lot of real world questions and scenarios to test your BI thought leadership. It explores different areas of BI and how you, as a Leader or potential Leader, can match up to the expectations. Each question has multiple choices (one or more may be correct) – and at end of each question is given an explanation that will ‘suffice’ for an interview response ( a winning response), and also provide hints and point you to read more.

The questions are based on my personal BI management and interview experiences in major Corporations – questions that I have been asked by VP/CxO level leaders and questions that I have asked to BI Leader candidates. Learning from the challenges I faced in my enterprise BI endeavor are incorporated into this. In my humble opinion, not every Director and VP sitting in corporations understands all the nuances of BI. I have seen senior leaders severely underestimating the challenges and pushing for completely illogical and impractical solutions/steps – only to eat their own words few months later. However, such errors are more common than less in the industry.

All such learning is incorporated in this practice test.

If you are preparing for a BI Leader (Team Lead, Manager, Senior Manager, Director) position – whether an external job interview or internal promotion, the practice test will challenge your knowledge in various areas of BI.

The Problem Solving section contains a set of 20 real life scenarios in BI Execution with explanations on what a BI Leader should do to resolve the issue at hand. This section also helps you understand the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders involved.

At the end of this course, you will be able to confidently participate in BI discussions in Board room presentations, a senior leader job interview, discussions with vendors or your extended team. You will understand the key challenges in any BI program across industries, and confidently present your ideas to your management. With the knowledge you gain here, you will succeed better in your current role , and you will also be confident to take up more senior roles in your own organization or outside.

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