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Forex Price Action Training: Trading Strategies

Forex Price Action Training: Trading Strategies

Price: $199.99


The Training Programme is to introduce the basics of FX trading to retail traders. As 80% of retail traders exit the FX market by either wiping out their entire trading account or just give up without achieving what they have set to achieve from FX trading, this course aims to bring retail traders “into the light” but emphasizing on the fundamentals and trading psychology and strategies.

Training Objectives:

Retail Traders will be able to understand the basics of FX trading design their trading plans and formulate trading strategies based on their trading plan while maintaining the right trading psychology throughout their entire trading journey.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The Learner will be able to list the advantages of trading FX, explain the different stages of a trader and what is FX trading.
  • The Learner will be able to differentiate the different type of trading charts, in particular the Candle Sticks chart. Identify chart structures and apply trading technical like Fibonacci, Harmonics and Double Top and Double Bottoms.
  • The Learner will be able to formulate a trading plan with identifiable trade ratings. Implement trading rules and routine, set trading parameters and perform back testing while maintaining positive trading psychology.
  • The Learner will be able to apply money and risk management technique in their trading strategies.
  • The Learner will be able to evaluate effectiveness of their trading plan.

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