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The Empathy Principle – Emotional Intelligence – EIQ-2

The Empathy Principle – Emotional Intelligence – EIQ-2

Price: $94.99

Empathy is required for any type of success in personal and family relationships, and business.

Most people think they know what empathy is, but they misunderstand what it really is and how it impacts those around them.

No one knows exactly how another person feels.

By relating to the feelings of others, you are able to connect at a deeper level and really know them. Care and consideration are key skills that have their basis in Empathy.

In this highly impactful course, you will discover:

The Benefits of

  • Understanding your perspective

  • Types of empathy

  • Empathy advantage

  • Empathy Mix

  • Empathetic Listening

  • Being Authentic

  • Being Sensitive, Appreciative and Considerate

The topics covered include:

  • Sharing a Constructive Personality

  • Empathy & Influence

  • The empathy advantage

  • Empathy, resonance, and rapport

  • Inference

  • Attunement

  • Communicating with empathy

  • VAK

  • Dealing with Difficult people, emotions & situations

  • Leading & Influencing with empathy

  • Improving your skills and relationships

  • And much more

Enroll today!


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