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How to become a successful SAP Project Manager

How to become a successful SAP Project Manager

Price: $54.99

Learn from our global top SAP experts with more than 20 years of working SAP experience how to make you a Successful SAP Project Manager.

In this course, they will share their best practice and secrets on how to make SAP projects successful from delivering some of the world’s largest and most complex SAP projects

What our students are saying
“After following these videos from start to finish, I feel like I participated in an SAP full lifecycle implementation project; an excellent presentation and the presenter seems fully knowledgeable of the product and the business process. I would like to see more presentations from him”.Diallo Hassimiou

“I just started this course, but from what I have covered so far, I am on my way to becoming a 5 star SAP PM”.Laurson Riviere

“Excellent course. I enjoy the way the course was organized and the instructor’s clarity”. Angel M. Romero Jr.

“This course motivated me to become an SAP Project Manager and I hope soon to be able to put the knowledge to use in my first project”. Barbara Golder

The course is structured into the following areas to follow the phases and key milestones of an SAP Project:

  • Introduction to SAP Projects and SAP Project Management tools

  • The Accelerated SAP (ASAP®) Methodology V8

  • Project Preparations & SAP Business Blueprint design

  • SAP Realization and Final Preparation phases of your

  • Project “Go-Live”

  • Roll-out

  • Operation and Support

What will you get from the course?

  • High-quality Video lessons

  • Downloadable handouts to ALL lectures

  • Practice exercises & worksheets

  • Test your knowledge quiz

  • Learning guide to make you a successful Project Manager

The course will provide detailed training in how to successfully manage SAP projects, but the course is not a preparation course for taking the SAP Associate Project Manager certification (C_PM_71)successfully manage SAP projects, but course is not a preparation course for taking the SAP Associate Project Manager certification (C_PM_71)

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