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IBM C2010-505 Smart Cloud Control IT Asset Management Exam

IBM C2010-505 Smart Cloud Control IT Asset Management Exam

Price: $94.99

Sample Questions

Q) When can the eligibility status changes to inactive?

a) Once the work has been approved.

b) If there is a certification for graduation.

c) When the operation of the scanning date is not active.

d) When the link to the table TOOLQUAl removed.

e) None

Q) As licenses, which are transmitted to IBM Smart Cloud Control desktop?

a) between points

b) between points

c) between organizations

d) between accounts ledger

e) None

Q) How License tracked by computer?

a) Using the license tab Related computers

b) Use the tab Computer Assets license stop section

c) license to use, with detailed records related to access to your computer

d) license to use, contact an authorized mail access to your computer

e) None

Q) Activities incidents should be carried out in accordance with the internal status?




d) turn

e) None


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