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ICO 2018: The Ultimate Guide to Creating your own ICO

ICO 2018: The Ultimate Guide to Creating your own ICO

Price: $79.99

Do you want to take advantage of the 2018 Cryptocurrency and ICO boom? Don’t wait…sign up today don’t get left behind like you did in the tech boom, the social media boom, or the mobile boom. There is still time act now.

Follow me as go through project planning, structuring and ideation as we create an ICO project from scratch.

We will go step by step using your idea from A- to Z.

This is the only course that combines all aspect of the project- A complete ICO from beginning to end!!

we will create our own Token on the Ethereum network using ERC-20 standards

We will look at the blockchain in general along with Smart contracts and how they tie in to all of this.

We will take a look at the legal landscape to take a look at what we are up against.

We will learn how to produce the marketing materials and the landing page for your ICO

We will analyze costs of deployment as well

We will cover team building and how to attract the right people to your team and fill gaps

We will look at ICO and Token builders that are available and weight options

This course will give you a guidebook to starting and running your own ICO

–Includes downloadable Presentation–

– Course quiz-

– Step by Step guide included-

If you find this course helpful—feel free to donate:

For Donations:
ETH Address: 0x6a77e0aE34E5C9BB128905A0d2A5cCb171d0492d
BTC Address: 383CokjzTBucgkh6c92YdNTZ1wrsEksxRJ
LTC Address: MA36HD9UnCAijMbg9nqwSseduSsexDxLu6
BCH Address: qp2cjz0suzvgv0p9rnn0mjej8429wh3ygufpzcc8y8

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