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Leadership: Emotional Intelligence for Change

Leadership: Emotional Intelligence for Change

Price: $94.99

“The only constant in life is change”

Heraclitus (Greek philosopher of Ephesus, 500 BC)

We all face change every day – whether it is a simple change in the weather, a change to our work schedule or changes in our family life.

This only constant in life, the only thing we can be sure will happen, affects everyone and everybody deals with change differently. If you can create awareness of the way you respond to life events and organisational change and manage your emotional response to the event you’re well on your way to effectively managing change and managing people through change.

Emotional intelligence consists of a range of fundamental skills that allow you to confidently respond to people and changing situations. Practically applying emotional intelligence at work and using emotional intelligence well during change will help you drive change leadership positively and effectively.

Managing the way you respond to events and your ability to communicate effectively is essential for change leadership, for managing people effectively through change and for managing personal change. It’s not what happens that matters but how you and others response to change that really counts.

Being emotionally intelligent is the underlying structure that underpins and supports effective responses to events, people and change. In the workplace and in our personal lives being emotionally intelligent is an essential component to building resilience for mental health and successfully managing people and change.

The ability to quickly and easily adapt to change is often a competitive advantage for a change leader. Emotionally intelligent leaders and managers are also able to help others manage difficult change.

This course has been designed to explore the role of emotional intelligence in change looking at change at the personal and organisational level. It explores working with emotional needs through conscious choices fundamental to effective change.

Changing the way that you work with your emotions is not easy. This course will give you some insights BUT developing your emotional intelligence will take you time and a lot of effort, and even then you are not going to get it right all the time!! Emotional intelligence is about improving performance, engagement and well being in a sustainable way, so that it sticks.

The course covers

  • The importance of emotional intelligence in managing change

  • Why resistance to change occurs and how to overcome this

  • The neuroscience of change to explain how and why people react to changes

  • The emotions that people experience and ways to support people positively as they transition through change

  • How to utilise change management models practically using emotional intelligence and a focus on the people involved

The course contains narrated videos, activities and some fun material to download.

Completing this course, you will be able to

  • Describe the role of emotional intelligence in change leadership

  • Consider what is involved in working with the emotional climate

  • Explain why resistance occurs and how to overcome this

  • Recognise how people react to events by understanding the neuroscience of change

  • Identify the emotions that people experience as they transition through change and identify ways to support people positively

  • Determine how to utilise change management models practically using emotional intelligence at work and with a focus on supporting the people involved

  • Explore ways to effectively manage change in your current circumstances

The course material makes up part of a one week advanced workshop that has been endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

PLEASE NOTE – This course is NOT for you if you are not prepared to work through the practical activities that make up a fundamental part of the course. Emotional intelligence cannot be developed by learning some techniques through watching a few video lectures. The course requires you to do some reflective thinking, to get some feedback and to discuss your development with others. I’m afraid that you won’t get the best from the course unless you are prepared to do this.

This course is being continually refined and updated to ensure it remains current and relevant.

There are FIVE practical activities included within the course that are designed to help you to work with your emotional intelligence for change. These activities require you do some work outside of the course. The emotional brain learns from doing things and through activity. Repetition and rehearsal over weeks will embed in changes.

All PDFs are Section 508 / ADA Accessibility compliant.

All videos have grammatically correct English captions.

Latest update – February 2021

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