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Learn a proper meditation for All Ages

Learn a proper meditation for All Ages

Price: $19.99

onelightsystem OLS meditation teacher

Everyone should to know how to receive direct & seeing the Light “a proper meditation”

this is simplified personalized introduction with preparation class to oneLightsystem OLS mediation specially designed for all Ages and all levels !

OLS eae Teacher Asvitloaten (legal name Nazar) is based in Mount Shasta CA and office in Bay area

to OLS prospect student

preparation for OLS intro
We will begin with about meditation as a daily practice (how and why) now as early morning before sunrise to seek knowledge about the new Light is coming


2. prospective students introduction

-does the seeker has any meditation experience ?

3. How To receive direct & seeing the Light (safety transparent regulations) from our Star step by step


4. How to prepare for next class 2.


class 2.

1. About

Q/A 5 min.

2. Teacher receiving student notes

3. Teacher and prospective OLS student

4. how to prepare for OLS INITI to become an OLS student

4. How to prepare for next class 3.

Q/A 5 min.

During or after you complete OLS intro meditation preparation class you will be able to have Additional* %discount applied during OLS assessment process to determinate OLS INTRO and OLS INITI. Service fees’*. to receive OLS initi and become and active student continue attending the class to cultivate advance abilities.

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