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Learn Primavera P6 from Scratch and become an Expert

Learn Primavera P6 from Scratch and become an Expert

Price: $94.99

You will be able to learn the planning and scheduling techniques included but not limited to

  1. Introduction & Overview of the Primavera P6 Tool?

  2. How to plan a project in a Primavera P6 Professional Tool?

  3. Calendar Settings in Primavera P6 Professional

  4. Enterprise Project Structure in Primavera

  5. Organizational Breakdown Structure in Primavera P6

  6. Work Breakdown Structure & Activities in Primavera P6

  7. Different types of constraints and relationships in Primavera P6

  8. Creation of Project in Primavera P6

  9. Project Scheduling in Primavera P6

  10. Create and maintain the baseline in Primavera P6

  11. Project Resourcing in Primavera P6

  12. Project Costing and Budgeting in Primavera P6

  13. Create Project Reports in Primavera P6

  14. How to import/export and check-in/check-out the project in Primavera P6?

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