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Learn the Mac – macOS Big Sur basics | Moving from Windows

Learn the Mac – macOS Big Sur basics | Moving from Windows

Price: $29.99

Have you just got yourself a Mac or thinking about getting one? Perhaps you have moved from a Windows computer and want to understand the differences. We’ll help you get started, giving you an overview on all things Mac.

In this course we’ll cover

  • What is a Mac and macOS

  • Mac basics and how to navigate around a Mac

  • Differences between Windows and a Mac

  • How to perform basic functions on a Mac

  • What are some of the key applications that come bundled on a Mac and how to use them

  • How to get onto the Internet and setup your Mail

  • How to customise and change the look and feel of your Mac

  • How to create multiple user accounts, so that you and your family/friends can enjoy the Mac

  • Tips on mastering your Mac use

Do I need to be an expert?

No, this course is designed for people who may never have used a Mac before, but will also benefit people who may have been using a Mac for a while.

What software do I need?

We’ll be demoing most features on macOS Big Sur, but if you have an earlier or later version of the macOS that’s fine, features are very similar.

Why this course?

This course will be easy to understand, and is great because it will be hands on. It’s even better if you take this course on your Mac and follow along if you can.

You’ll soon start to see why so many people love Mac’s and why they are so popular.

Of course this is only the beginning of your learning journey, using your Mac more and more will help to learn more and more and will assist you in being more comfortable using your Mac.


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