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Life Coaching: A Complete Training Course

Life Coaching: A Complete Training Course

Price: $94.99

This complete Life Coaching training course covers all the fundamentals of life coaching. Combined with your experience, skills, and commitment to helping others improve in their lives, this training course will provide you with a clear structure for working with your clients and it includes all the resources required to do the job.

About the Course

This course is to the point, focusing on the core coaching models, communication skills and techniques, questioning formulas, rapid rapport building methods, goal setting for success, feedback, and business strategies.

The Life Coaching industry is a booming billion-dollar industry that is rapidly continuing to grow. The fast-paced lifestyles and high expectations of people have created a demand for results and achievement. To aid this, many people turn to life coaches for their support and expertise.

Life Coaching is an unregulated profession meaning you do not need any formal qualifications or accreditation to do the job but instead, you do need passion and commitment to helping others, in addition to relevant life experience and useful skills, which can help someone improve their life.

This complete training and business start-up course provides you with all the knowledge and resources to help you become a very effective coach. You will also learn how to easily set up your very own online life coaching business and have access to the course tutor for guidance on how to get your business started.

A fully flexible self-study program that you can fit around your busy schedule and revisit anytime with full lifetime access.

We know you will love this course and benefit greatly from the individual business support, so we offer a no questions asked, money-back guarantee if it does not meet your needs.

Whether coaching part-time or full-time you will have full support in your preparation for becoming a Life Coach. It is important that you have the skills and knowledge to help as many people as possible to live the life of their dreams and achieve their goals.

This course also provides you with guidance on how to set up your online coaching business quickly and easily.

Momentum is everything and thus, you are encouraged to commit to completing this course in no more than two weeks so that you can get started setting up your online coaching services and applying your skills to clients from around the globe.

This course comes with full tutor support and on completion of your training, you may request individual guidance for setting up your online coaching business and how to market your services. You can also join an exclusive support group reserved only for the students of this training course.

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