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Magic Tricks with Magnets

Magic Tricks with Magnets

Price: $19.99

This workshop contains the many ways of how MAGNETS were introduced to develop & design different illusions in magic.

Methods & principles behind the illusions will be presented with many Gimmicks developed from scratch. Many of the tricks will be examined, discussed and built.

We collected most tricks related to magnets from the Magic Castle archive. Referenced and pages will be included in the course.

This is more than “how to learn tricks” we aim to bring concepts of psychology behind misdirection and the combination of trickery methods in creating illusions. We hope to enhance creativity regardless if you are a magician or not.

With 4 hours of visual presentation; we are committed to create a clear and comfortable environment for you to follow along.

  1. Introduction

  2. The Psychology of Magic

  3. Workshop Intro

  4. The Cups, Balls & More

  5. Linking Rings & Ropes

  6. Reels & PK Tools

  7. Wands & Pens

  8. Card & Coins

  9. Boxes & Slates

  10. Miscellaneous

  11. Children, Science & Future innovations

The course does not teach routine, meaning I will not teach performance of what to say and how to move. We focus on the methods used with the Magnet approach to do illusion. We hope to spark creativity to combine, mix, and illustrate the tricks with your own performance style.

Good Luck and thank you for Viewing

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