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Managing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation

Managing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Implementation

Price: $119.99

Any modern day enterprise, right from small enterprise generally have or implement Enterprise Resource planning application towards effectively managing their business transactions.

This unique course is one of its kind, is packed with details towards effectively managing successful ERP implementation. In recent years, one also find ERP Cloud (Software as a service) products along with ERP on-premise production. Covers provides an overview on some of the cloud terminologies and concepts.

This course covers following topics.

  • Enterprise resource planning – Difference between On premise and Cloud (Saas) based ERP.

  • What is cloud and difference between different cloud platform such as Software as a service, platform as service and Infrastructure as service.

  • Which ERP platform to choose – Cloud or On Premises.

  • What is business transaction flow in ERP.

  • Business Transaction flows – Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Accounting to Financial reporting, some of the associated sub flows and variations.

  • ERP project implementation life cycle from a project management perspective.

  • Best practices in ERP implementation.

There is a flavor of Oracle on premise E-Business Suite and Cloud Saas ERP’s, but the course does not get into the demonstration of these products as they are quite exhaustive and out of preview of this course.

This course is more about understanding and managing an ERP implementation.

Happy learning !!!

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