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Meditation for Beginners… Without the Fluff!

Meditation for Beginners… Without the Fluff!

Price: $19.99

Are you easily tired, exhausted or emotionally shaken by the world around you?

Do you find it difficult to relax and calm your mind?

Do you want to become the master of your mind?

In this course, we cut through common new age teachings to deliver a simple and direct method for establishing an ongoing meditation practice…. without all the fluff!

We discuss what meditation is, what it isn’t and why many people find it so difficult. Best of all, inside the course you will have 3 downloadable audio meditations that you can use anytime to help you establish an ongoing meditation practice.

For those who may find it difficult to sit in traditional meditation postures than this course offers an introduction into a unique style of meditation with a downloadable, audio meditation so that you can practice meditation lying down! (Perfect for beginners)

In this course we explore:
– What is meditation

– 3 very powerful, simple, practical meditations

– Common myths about meditation

– The basic science of meditation

– How to start mastering your mind instead of being mastered by your mind

Some benefits of meditation include:

– Reduced anxiety and stress

– Better quality sleep

– Enhanced creativity and intuition

– Enhanced feelings of calm, confidence and relaxation

– And much more…

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