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Self-coach Your Success Using the GROW Coaching Model

Self-coach Your Success Using the GROW Coaching Model

Price: $89.99

This course helps you to be successful at problem solving and goal setting using a personal life coaching formula.

Learn how to life coach using the GROW Model whilst working on and moving forward a real personal problem or work issue.

What are students saying about this course?

From the very first lecture you feel you’re in highly competent hands. Denise has an approachable style and I can already see many potential applications for the GROW model in my life. I’m excited about setting and achieving some goals! – Clare

I’m going to be coming back to this course time and time again I can see I can use it for many things- Dennis

This is a well laid out course – straight to the point with explanations and tips. I enjoy the to the point coaching – Bridgit

This course will help you

• Understand what we mean by “coaching yourself”

• Understand the benefits and downside of “coaching yourself”

• Learn about the GROW coaching model and how it can help solve issues

• Work through a real problem so putting the learning into practice as you go through the course – so real “coaching yourself”

• Learn the power of questions

There are three main sections to the course

1. The GROW Model and how it works

2. Working through a real personal problem or work issue

3. The magic of coaching questions

This course is made up of video lectures taking you on a journey of self –coaching. It will be a good idea to get a pen and pad to jot down your thoughts as you go through the lectures. The great thing about video lectures is that you can stop, start and replay as often as you like so you can learn at your own place. On top of this if you have questions or want to discuss anything than you can message me in the course or privately.

The one thing which is certain though is

If you action the learning from this course you WILL solve a personal problem or work issue or start to move it on towards a solution


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