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Microsoft 70-341: Core Solutions of Exchange Server 2013

Microsoft 70-341: Core Solutions of Exchange Server 2013

Price: $89.99

The new Exchange Server 2013 Core Solutions course provides full coverage of the knowledge and skills to plan, deploy, secure, support and manage Exchange Server 2013. This new and exciting course will enable you to configure Exchange Server 2013 and provide the information needed to maintain, troubleshoot and monitor Exchange Server 2013.

This new Exchange 2013 course provides you the needed training to optimize performance, minimize errors and security threats in Exchange Server 2013, as well as highlighting the considerations, guidelines, best practices and more.

This course brings together all the features of using Exchange Server 2013.

Some of the skills you will learn in this class are:

  • Deploy and manage Exchange Server 2013
  • Monitor, maintain and troubleshoot an Exchange Server 2013 environment
  • Configure permissions and secure Exchange Server 2013
  • Plan message security options, implement an antivirus solution and implement an anti-spam solution
  • Plan and configure message transport in an Exchange Server 2013 organization
  • Plan for disaster mitigation, implement back up and recovery for Exchange Server 2013
  • Understand and manage highly available Client Access servers in Exchange Server 2013
  • Securely plan and configure Microsoft Outlook Web App and mobile messaging using the Client Access server
  • Plan and implement the Client Access server role in Exchange Server 2013
  • Manage recipient objects, address policies and address lists in Exchange Server 2013
  • Plan and configure the Mailbox server role

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